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 for children & teenagers

Come upstairs to the second floor where school-age kiddos can explore different dance forms.  Our weekly classes provide opportunities for developing strength, agility, balance, and grace and offer an outlet for creativity and self-expression. If your student loves to move and wants to learn more about the specifics of a particular dance discipline, they’ll enjoy one or more of the many classes we offer.

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child hip-hop - 4-8 years old

junior hip-hop - 8-12 years old

teen hip-hip - 13+

Our Hip Hop classes are dynamic, high-energy dance jams that promote physical agility and fitness while learning the latest dance moves of your favorite artists and YouTube videos. Students will warm-up, stretch, and do strengthening exercises and then learn basic hip hop steps and combinations. Hip Hop teaches your dancer to listen and respond to musical cues as well as increases their overall health and wellness through cardio-fitness challenges. All musical selections and dance moves are age-appropriate. 

* Students may wear athletic shoes or bare feet depending on their dance surface.

upcoming 4- week sessions: 

listed in pacific standard time

child hip-hop:

mondays 4:00pm-4:55pm

  • april 4/26-5/17

  • april 4/26-5/17

mondays 5:00pm-5:55pm

junior hip-hop:


child ballet - 6-8 years old

junior ballet - 9-12 years old

teen ballet - 13+

Our Ballet classes are designed to inspire and encourage your dancer while instructing them in essential ballet techniques and basic exercises.  Students will be introduced to the foundational vocabulary of ballet including the five-positions of the feet and arms. Emphasis will be on proper placement and correct alignment.  While designed to be an introductory class, lessons will reflect the needs and level of the students in each session. 

*Students may wear ballet slippers, socks, or bare feet. 

upcoming 4-week sessions: 

listed in pacific standard time

let's hear it for


6-8 years old

Have you always wanted to be a cheerleader? This class will help you achieve all of your #squadgoals! Learn sideline chants, jumps, kicks, dance routines and cheers that are sure to bring home a W-I-N!

Pom poms are highly encouraged. Poms can be ordered HERE (or they may use their own). Students may pick their favorite color.

upcoming 4-week sessions: 

listed in pacific standard time

These are virtual dance classes. All "cvpa in 'da house" programming will be offered online through the Zoom video conferencing platform. A reliable internet connection and streaming device (computer, tablet, or phone) are required to participate. For an optimal experience, the device must have a functional speaker, microphone, and camera. There are no additional fees associated with Zoom access.

Classes should be experienced in a room in your house that is free from distractions. The space should be clear of sharp or hard objects that could disrupt an enthusiastic dancer. If the floor is slippery, consider wearing footwear or non-slip socks. For more on this, please see our HOW TO ZOOM page.

You will receive a Zoom invite the night before the first class of the 4-week session. The invite will include the link you will use to access the class for the rest of the session. Please make sure to save the link as it will be the same link for the entire 4-week session. (We recommend saving the link to your preferred calendar app.) After the 4-week session is complete, the link will become void. You will need to go back to your Jack Rabbit Account Portal and register for another session on the EVENTS page to receive a new link. Visit our REGISTRATION page for more information.

$45 for 4 classes a month (1 classes a week)

Register with a BUDDY and receive a DISCOUNT!

$35/student for 4 classes (1 classes a week)

Our dis-DANCE dance program gives you the opportunity to take dance classes with friends near and far, right in the comfort of your home. Register for your class with your friend and you and your buddy will receive a discount on your tuition. It's a WIN-WIN! The Buddy Discount can be used during any session you register with a buddy! Use it session after session and SAVE.

PLEASE NOTE: Buddy Discount CANNOT be applied to one student taking two classes. The student must be registering with another student for the discount to apply.