a dis-DANCE guide

All "cvpa in 'da house" programming will be offered online through the Zoom video conferencing platform. A reliable internet connection and streaming device (computer, tablet, or phone) are required to participate. For an optimal experience, the device must have a functional speaker, microphone, and camera. There are no additional fees associated with Zoom access.

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Set up a dance space.

Choose a room where the student may not be distracted by toys or outside noises and clear about  6'x6' of space. Try to clear as many sharp corners or small items they may trip on.

Check your tech.

Set up your device somewhere that you can see it. Make sure it is charged or plugged in. Check your internet connection and make sure it is working.


Get dressed for class.

Getting dressed for dance class helps maintain a sense of normalcy. Students should wear something they can move in and that they feel good in. Dance clothes are welcome, but not required. Hair should be pulled away from the face. If the student doesn't already own dance shoes, we recommend dancing bare foot.


Make sure you have a water bottle close by. If your class requires props, have your list of Household supplies nearby. If your student has a phone, please make sure it is turned off or stored in another room for the duration of the class. (We highly recommend that students not use their own phones to Zoom their classes if possible.) Have your student use the bathroom one last time before class begins.

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1. To launch the Zoom application, click the link included in the invitation email. You may be prompted to enter the Meeting Password. This can be found in the email that contained the invite.
2. You will be placed in the "Waiting Room" until the teacher lets you into class. This is a great opportunity to check your camera, microphone, and speakers are working and adjust the volume to your needs.
3. Once your teacher has admitted you in the room, the class will begin.
4. Make sure your student's name shows up in their frame. Zoom may automatically generate the name of the person who owns the device. To change the name to the person taking the class click "Participants" and then hover over your device name and click "More." Then click "Rename" and enter your students name.
5. Make the teacher's video front and center. Make sure the teacher's video is always the biggest on your screen by right clicking it and selecting "Pin Video."
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  • Keep your microphone on mute until the teacher opens up for questions or conversation. The microphone icon in the bottom of the screen controls this feature.
  • Keep your video on so that your teacher can see you and interact with you. However, try not to move the camera during class.
  • Don't be late. Once the teacher has started instructing the class, they will have moved away from their computer and it will be very difficult for them to see when a late-comer wants to enter the Zoom room.
  • Parents/caregivers should be available to provide tech assistance when needed.
  • HAVE A BLAST! When else have you had the chance to have this much fun at home?
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CVPA students brought their "bling" to dance class for a recent theme day.

If you are brand new to Zoom or just want a refresher on the platform, start here!

This video tutorial will explain everything you need to know about the app for our classes.