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$45 for 4 classes a month
(1 class a week)

Register with a BUDDY and receive a DISCOUNT!

$35/student for 4 classes
(1 class a week)


The Buddy Discount

Our dis-DANCE program gives you the opportunity to take dance classes with friends near and far, right in the comfort of your home. Register for your class with your friend and you and your buddy will receive a discount on your tuition. It's a WIN-WIN! The Buddy Discount can be used during any session you register with a buddy! Use it session after session and SAVE!
To receive the discount, buddies must note each other's names on their class registrations. The Buddy Discount will be applied once the second buddy has registered and we have verified that both buddies have enrolled in the class. 

PLEASE NOTE: Buddy Discount CANNOT be applied to one student taking two classes. The student must be registering with another student for the discount to apply. Tuition for a student's second class will only receive the discount if they are enrolling in the second class with a buddy as well.

Buddy discounts can not be applied to any summer camp registrations or any Castro Valley Performing Arts classes that are not part of the "cvpa in 'da house" series.

Additional Information

  • There are no make-up classes or refunds for missed classes.

  • There will be no make-ups for late arrivals. Please don't be late. Once the teacher has started instructing the class, they will have moved away from their computer and it will be difficult for them to see when a late-comer wants to enter the Zoom room.

  • We will pro-rate your tuition if you register after the first week of the session. To register for a partial session, please contact Charlene directly at

  • Our registration system measures the student's age based on the first day of class. If they have a birthday mid-session and you would like them in an older class, please contact us directly.

  • Credit cards are typically charged 4-5 days after the registration has been entered.